Daytek Tradesman Poly Wheelbarrow 120L

Durable high-capacity 120 litre poly bowl.


Durable high-capacity 120 litre poly bowl.
Reinforced around the bowl tip area for increased strength and life.
16 x 4.00 x 8 pneumatic tyre for high load capacity and improved manoeuvrability.
Bolted pressed-steel wheel rims for ease of puncture repair.
Dual wheel bearings for low rolling resistance.
Timber handles are user friendly in hot or cold weather and eliminates some of the health and safety issues of steel handles on building sites
Inbuilt 11mm thick reinforcing in the bowl base increases bowl strength and eliminates the need for a base board
No wedges required. Creates lower centre of gravity for improved load control
Extended strong steel strap


Width (cm)156
Weight (KG)19
Warranty5 Years

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