Eradicate Snail & Slug Bait 600g

  • Safe for common household pets, native birds, fauna & earth worms.
  • Protects plants from snails & slugs.
  • For use by people who care about their pets, native birds, fauna and earth worms.
  • Breaks down as nutrients for soils and plants.


Eradicate Snail & Slug Bait  contains Iron EDTA complex manufactured in Australia. Eradicate works by interfering with the oxygen carrier so the snails and slugs die from lack of oxygen. The snails and slugs move away from the bait back to their hiding place and die. They are not usually found dead around the bait.

Even if only a small amount of Eradicate Snail & Slug Bait is consumed by the snail or slug they will stop feeding so that plants are not lost. (Other snail baits based on Metaldehyde or Methiocarb work by causing paralysis followed by poisoning. The snail or slug continues to feed until paralysed, so causing more damage to plants).


Sprinkle the pellets at a rate of 70 pellets per square metre, around plants to be protected from snails and slugs. Apply after rain or watering. Do not place pellets in heaps.


60g/Kg Iron EDTA Complex

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