Original Lowe 5 Professional Anvil Garden Shears 5.104

  • Original Löwe garden anvil scissors 5.104 for right and left-handed users, ideal for small hands and cuts hard, dead and old wood up to a diameter of 16 mm
  • The powerful cutting system of the florist scissors is characterised by a pulling cut on a firm base and thus ensures an effortless cut through optimal power transmission
  • Robust 17.5 cm long loppers feature a slim, short carbon steel blade coated with a lubricant lacquer to protect against corrosion and reduce friction
  • Thanks to the slightly outward curved shape of the soft plastic handles, the 190 g lightweight flower scissors with standard handle variant perfectly follows the natural ergonomics of small to medium hands
  • Thanks to the easy-to-use safety latch, the plant scissors can be locked with just one finger for self-protection and thus safely stored in the garden or on the balcony after use


The high-quality original Löwe anvil secateurs 5.104 made in Germany is particularly suitable for smaller hands and is ideal for users with little strength. The 17.5 cm long scissors are characterized by a particularly light cut without much effort and are suitable for effortless cutting of harder woods up to a diameter of 16 mm. Due to the light weight and compact size, the pruning shears are comfortable to hold. The slim, short steel blade with non-stick coating is interchangeable and thin coated with lubricating varnish to protect against corrosion and minimize friction. Easy to use safety latch, the scissors can be safely stored after use.

The anvil scissors are particularly suitable for harder woods in fruit growing and nursery schools, but can also be used in horticulture, viticulture or forestry.

The original Löwe anvil scissors 5.104 at a glance:

Length: 17.5 cm.
Weight: 190 g
Cutting thickness: diameter 16 mm.
Blade material: 0.67% carbon steel
Handle material: plastic.
Handle colour: orange
Hand size: M
Suitable as: Left or Right Handed Scissors

Original Löwe anvil cutting system:

In contrast to the bypass secateurs, the anvil shears are characterised by a pulling cut against a fixed base (anvil), whereas the bypass scissors blade and counterblade pass each other. They allow a particularly light cut thanks to optimal power transmission and are therefore particularly suitable for hard and dry wood. In addition, the bypass typical cut on the anvil principle is avoided and ensures a tendon and joint-friendly cut.

The first anvil scissors in the world was developed in 1923 by Walther Schröder. Since then, the original Lion principle has been tried and tested millions of times.

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