Valvoline XLD Premium Engine Oil – 20W-50, 5 Litre

  • 5 Litre
  • 20W-50
  • Designed for conventional & multivalve engines
  • Utilises advanced additive technology


Perfect for most vehicles manufactured before 2004, Valvoline’s XLD Premium range of oils are tried and tested, offering the advantages of a modern additive package, coupled with the dependability of a mineral base oil. Valvoline XLD is ideal for leaded, unleaded and LPG fuel types, and can be used with turbocharged engines where required. Valvoline XLD Premium still provides excellent lubrication from cold start through to highway driving, and continuously works hard to protect your engine against corrosion, whilst breaking down sludge from inside the engine. For an excellent oil that offers an amazing value for money, consider Valvoline’s XLD Premium oils.

This particular oil is rated at 20w-50 and is generally suitable for most petrol engines with higher mileage. To find the oil type and viscosity suggested for your car;

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